Bega to Narooma

Duncan and Jenny gave me a lift from Bega to Narooma in the morning and then it was only about a 10km ride to the free camp spot.

I rode the coast and needless to say it was a lovely lovely day. My camp spot was primarily for caravanners but it had portable water and toilet blocks so I didn’t mind that it was noisy.

During the night the wind was so strong that my tent pegs got pulled out. Other than that nothing much interesting happened.

Eden to Bega 

DEATH. Utter DEATH was the only was to describe this hill out of Eden. It was a beautiful day and the view was great but my lungs were burning with the fire of a thousand suns.

It was only a short ish ride of 50km to Bega but it was very hilly.

And windy.

But I made it to Bega in one piece.

I stayed with family Duncan and Jenny and had a delicious delicious steak and veggies for dinner. It was glorious.

Nowa Nowa to Eden 

My day started at about 7am. I had about 40km left to ride and a bus to catch at 1pm. The rivers seemed to have sudsed up, and the other interesting thing that happened was I almost ran into a full grown buck on the trail. It ran away before I got a photo but man did it give me a fright. It was huge!

Unfortunately the rail trail started to get worse for wear so it was back on the highway to make sure I made it in time.

I still had time for lunch then it was on the bus! Oh lordy that is such an attractive photo.

The reason I caught the bus was because the section of road between Orbost and Eden was hilly, windey, had no shoulder and was the only bit of road for this section to ride on. In short it would have been very dangerous.

I camped in Eden at a caravan park and it was pleasent enough.

Bairnsdale to Nowa Nowa

It’s about time I completed this blog so here goes. I won’t bother putting in the gps data but I’ll try to recount the ride back to Sydney as best I can with pictures.

I left Patrick mates place at about 12 noon. Later than I had planned but we had a big of a late night.

I started the Bairnsdale to Orbost rail trail. 90km long and I had originally planned to ride it in a day but because of the late start I only made it to Nowa Nowa.

“Rail trail” means it was an old rail line that has been converted into a bike trail. As a result it went through the middle of the bush and I got to see things like this:

It was a Saturday night and my dorm room faced onto the court yard. It was the only motel/pub in the area so it meant my sleep was interrupted with “hey mate! Need another beer?!” And “you’re full of shit mate” and “no fucking way mate”. 

Ah well, it was amusing and I had a bed for the night.

Sale to Bairnsdale 

Total time: 5hrs, Total distance: 71km, Total calories: 1450.

I set off from John and Trish’s house around 8am. John very kindly to the edge of town and then I was on my way.

Because of all the rain many of the rivers had burst their banks. Apparently the bridge which I crossed was closed the day beforehand and I was lucky to be able to cross when I did.

The ride to Bairnsdale was very pleasant. The weather had cleared up and the sun was shinning! Though the mozzies had hatched in full force after the rain and I couldn’t stop for longer than thirty seconds before being attacked.

On a completely random note, check out how organised this Woolworths is. I’ve never seen shelves that neat before.

More overflowing rivers.

Making myself a late lunch before I head to my next hosts place. This time I stayed with a bloke called Patrick who was also an avid bike tourer..

I ended up joining him at his mate Henry’s place for dinner and drinks and we all had an awesome night

Melbourne to Warragul, Warragul to Gormundale, Gormundale to Sale 

Melbourne to Warragul 

Total time: 4hrs 20min, Total distance: 48km, Total calories: 1200

Because of boozy bingo the night before hand, I caught the bus about half way to Warragul.

Also it was a freaking dreary day and I was hung over so no other photos. I stayed the night at a warmshowers hosts place called Tim. He was also a fellow bike tourer and cooked me chicken roast, and I much needed the protein.

Warragul to Gormundale 

Total time: 7hrs, Total distance: 77km, Total calories: 1800.

I left town at about 7am.

The lack of back roads and bad weather meant I was on the highway.

However, I couldn’t resist taking a supposed short cut. I then promptly got stuck in mud, had to claw my bike back, got myself and my bike covered in mud and then had to back track a few kilometers. 

In a little town called Morwell I stopped for a break and met a retired couple Peter and Sharron. Peter bike toured when he was younger and offered me a place to stay in Gormundale for the night. At about 4pm I got a call from Peter asking if I needed a lift the rest of the way to his and I gladly accepted.

Warragul to Sale

Total time: 50min, Total distance: don’t know, Total calories: 0.

The next day Peter offered to drive me all the way to Sale. I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The weather was miserable.

I still went for a little ride around Sale and explored the wetlands.

My night in Sale I also spent with warmshower hosts John and Trish, they are fellow ike tourers and I had a very pleasant night trading touring stoires.

Chilling in Melbourne 

My first night in Melbourne I went and checked out the local fairy penguins with my roommates. Only I couldn’t get any other photos other than a grey blue blur so here’s a photo of the city instead.

The next morning I took my bike out and explores the bay. Melbourne has an amazing set up for bikes. They have lanes specifically for bikes and walkers.

I did a little sight seeing. 

Saw the museum and got myself some chult-cha. 

Has my celebratory ribs. Only finished half for lunch and finished the rest the night after.

My final night I played boozy bingo with my roomates. It was a good idea because it was an awesome night.

BAD idea because I was on the bike the next morning at 7am heading to warragul.

Apollo Bay to Geelong, Geelong to Melbourne

Apollo Bay to Geelong.

Total time: 8hrs, Total distance: 110km, Total calories: 2900.

Originally I had planned to ride only 70km, but I decided to push through to make it to Melbourne faster. So I completed the rest of the Great Ocean Road in one day and it was fab-u-lous! Look at that coastline!




I made it to Geelong with very tired legs and a very sore bum. I don’t know why but I was way more sore than usual. My accommodation for the night was the Irish Murphy’s, which was part pub and part hostel. I also redecorated my room in little under half an hour.


Then I chilled out and watched the sun set from upstairs.


Geelong to Melbourne

Total time: 5hrs, Total distance: 60km, Total calories: 1300.

I think I started about 7am. Not quite sure and I don’t really care, I was on my way to Melbourne!


I took the side roads into the city to avoid the highway traffic.



Oh look a hill!


Once I started to get closer into town I caught a train about 20km to central Melbourne. As I discovered in Adelaide, I hate navigating my way into cities so I decided I’d catch a train to skip the worst of the traffic in Melbourne.


Made it baby.



Now time to relax and party.

Princeton to Apollo Bay

Total time: 6hrs 20min, Total distance: 85km, Total calories: 2200

I can’t remember what time I was up but it was pretty dreary.


A large proportion of the ride went through national park which sat on top of a plateau and as a result it was freezing! I was also hailed on at some point during the day and I discovered just how much hail can hurt when you’re riding down hill at 45km/hr.



I stayed with a couple in Apollo Bay that I met in Princeton the night beforehand. We went for a drive the day after I arrived and it freaking snowed. Where this photo was taken was only about 500m above sea level and 5km or so from the coast.


Later that night we had a sing a long session and everyone discovered that I really REALLY can’t sing. Twas a good night regardless. I just feel sorry for the neighbours.


The next day I went for a little explore.




Tomorrow off to Geelong. Then a hop skip and a jump to Melbourne!

Warrnambool to Princetown

Total time: 7hrs, Total distance: 90km, Total calories: 2200

Up and out at 7am. It rained but I was gifted with this sunrise.


I started the great ocean road. I had a strong tail wind and was racing along.


I passed the Warrnambool cheese factory.


Everyone kept telling me how amazing the great ocean road was but man I had no idea. It was blowing a gale and it was raining on and off but it was still amazing!




Apparently there’s been a few fatalities due to tourists driving on the wrong side of the road and somehow these signs were supposed to stop that.


Twelve apostles baby! Except one or two have collapsed so now there’s not twelve.


My hostel for the night is $35. Tomorrow’s weather forecast is looking crap and I have a 1000m climb to make  over about 90km. Oh well, looking forward to the challenge.